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Filling trends in Lithuania: more applications for patents, trademarks and designs in 2016

Last year, the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania (SPB) received almost 6 thousand requests for registering industrial property objects. Aggregated data for the previous year show increased number of national patent applications (+28%), national trademark applications (+9%) and national design applications (+57%) compared to 2015.


In 2016, 153 national patent applications were submitted. 95 of them were submitted by applicants from Lithuania and 58 – by foreign applicants. Chinese businesses accounted for the major part of the foreign applicants.

Last year, SPB received the highest number of national trademark applications in the past 6 years: as many as 2,661 applications. Almost 90% of them were submitted by applicants from Lithuania; the remaining applications were submitted by applicants from Belarus, Latvia, USA, Switzerland, etc.

The number of national design applications is 57% higher than in the previous year. The major part of applicants were from Lithuania, others – from Sweden and Latvia.


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     Date: 2018-07-19, 08:32:29