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Last update 2018-07-21
Dear Customers!
     Electronic invention database presents information on published patent applications, issued patents and changes of information and legal statuses.
     The database contains descriptions of patent applications submitted after 2011 and descriptions of all patents issued under the Patent Law in PDF format. Search by words in the invention description text can be performed starting with patent No. 5242.
      In view of the fact that from 1 January 2016, the Official Bulletin of the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania (SPB) is published twice a month (on the 10th and 25th), the information is updated on the days of publication of the Bulletin or on the nearest days based on the details of the Patent Register published in that month’s Official Bulletin of the SPB. Information on payment of annual fees is updated every business day.
     Even though this database is an accurate copy of the data collected in the Patent Register of the Republic of Lithuania, the presented information has no legal effect and is published for information purposes only.
     Interested parties wishing to receive official approval of the legal status of invention are required to apply to the SPB in accordance with the applicable legislation and request an extract from the Patent Register or a certified copy of the application.
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