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In Klaipėda experts from Europe discussed on ways to turn ideas into patents

The State Patent Bureau (SPB) along with the European Patent Academy continues a cycle of seminars dedicated to matters of intellectual property in Lithuania. Organized in cooperation with Klaipėda University and Klaipėda Science and Technology Park, the latest Event "From an Idea to a Patent" that is part of the cycle took place this week in Klaipėda.


Attendees of the seminar learnt more about intellectual property rights and their protection, and the specifics of development of intellectual property strategy. They could also participate in patent search and workshop sessions. At the seminar, presentations were given and workshops were conducted by representatives of the European Patent Academy and patent attorney from Great Britain.



Seminar "From an Idea to a Patent". (Photos by Klaipėda University and Klaipėda Science and Technology Park)


The European Patent Academy is the external education and training section of the European Patent Office. In Lithuania the European Patent Academy events are organized in cooperation with the State Patent Bureau.


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