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Seminar on interpreting and drafting search reports and written opinions

 On 16 May 2017, a four-day seminar on the drawing up and interpretation of patent search reports and written opinions organised by the European Patent Academy and the State Patent Bureau was opened in Artis Centrum hotel in Vilnius. The first day was open to NPO experts, lawyers and private business representatives. The following three days will be dedicated to intense workshops for NPO experts only. The seminar will cover patent procedures according to the European Patent Convention, Patent Cooperation Treaty, practical examples of drafting search reports, the relationship between inventive step and sufficiency of disclosure, incomplete search and exclusions from patentability. Presentations will be given by the European Patent Office experts, patent information specialist from Great Britain and patent attorney from Latvia.



The European Patent Academy is the external education and training section of the European Patent Office. In Lithuania the European Patent Academy events are organized in cooperation with the State Patent Bureau.



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