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PATLIB centre established at Kaunas University of Technology

On 12 May, in the Santaka Valley of the Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), the State Patent Bureau (SPB) signed a cooperation agreement with the KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre for establishment of an industrial property information centre Patent Library (PATLIB).

 PATLIB established by the KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre is the first centre of this type to be initiated in cooperation with the University. The specialists of PATLIB will provide industrial property information services to the public, in particular relating to the patents of inventions, and will raise public awareness of the industrial property protection system. The functions of PATLIB in the KTU National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre will be performed by the Open Access Management Team.

 “The new PATLIB centre will create more effective conditions to take advantage of the industrial property protection opportunities at the early stage of the innovation cycle and to manage the existing intellectual property rights more effectively. It is essential in strengthening the competitiveness of the innovations being developed, because proper use of intellectual property opportunities is directly related to a higher added value of a product,” said Mr. Arūnas Želvys, Director of SPB.


Since 2012 KTU filed more than 60 national and international patent applications. The main focus is on health sciences and  new materials.

More info about  PATLIB centres


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     Date: 2018-07-22, 15:46:58